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Tailor-made Events, Creative Services & Corporate Communication
Boosting brand prestige through active engagement

Since 2014 we have been the organisers of Public Book Awards, an annual event held by Public, the biggest technology and entertainment retailer in Greece. Through the implementation of a specific concept and strategy, we have achieved positioning Public as the leading ambassador for books and literature in Greece.

To reach our goal, we developed a participatory awards model, whereby the readers themselves vote for their favourite books. The model has been widely successful and the awards have been growing steadily year after year, culminating with 301.254 votes cast and 2.500 nominations from 160 publishers and 1.800 writers in 2019.

Our creative team is also highly involved in various advertising projects such as print, web, and video productions for Public stores and the rest of Olympia Group of Companies (Media Markt & Sunlight). In addition to that, we enhance communication when needed generating native content for media exposure purposes.