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Corporate Communication, Marketing Communication, Sustainability Strategy & CSR Activations
Leveraging social responsibility in a period of corporate disruption

PRODEA Investments is the leading real estate investment company in Greece. We have been responsible for the company's corporate communication, public affairs, sustainability strategy and CSR initiatives since December 2014. SOCIALDOO has planned and executed a 360° Corporate Responsibility Program, which contributed to establishing a good reputation, highlighting PRODEA’s corporate values and bringing out the necessary positive publicity. We focus on actions that have substance, a visible outcome, positively impacting a wide range of social groups, while activating essential synergies. SOCIALDOO's extensive and influential network, together with the deep understanding of our customer's corporate DNA, is the enabling tool in achieving concrete results. PRODEA’s CSR Program “Structures of Responsibility” targets core social and environmental needs and merge into a rich corporate and creative communication plan that highlights the leading and innovative position of PRODEA in the field of real estate investments.