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Corporate Communication, Creative Concepts, Design Services, CSR Activations, Internal Communication & Tailor-made Events
Strengthening leadership - Participating in national solidarity - Creatively deepening internal communication

Building on the foundation of our excellent collaboration with the "Public" Stores, by means of developing and implementing the concept of the Public Book Awards since 2014 -a milestone tradition for Greece- we expanded our cooperation with a plethora of creative print, digital and video corporate communication projects.

In 2019, at the wake of the pandemic, responding immediately and effectively to the unprecedented conditions during the quarantine period, we extended our cooperation to the whole Group, when all its companies -Public, Media Markt and Sunlight- accepted our invitation to participate in a very important corporate, educational and social responsibility activity.

Extending our common course, SOCIALDOO took on another challenge for the company: to improvise a creative method, which would facilitate the employees of the Group to adopt the corporate code of conduct, by means of theatrical activities with humorous and creative features, by orchestrating actions that engaged all participants.