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Internal Communication & Creative Services
Activating employee relationships in a creative way

The Athenian Brewery, the largest Greek beer producer and distributor, wished to strengthen the cooperative ties of its staff in order to cultivate a team spirit to support the smooth and seamless operation of the company.
The project ran on an internal CSR program concept. We have been putting in place this goal since October 2017, by systematically drawing up the company's profile. We worked together with animators in order to design and develop a series of three entertainment workshops for the company's staff, through which employees managed to create new and strengthen existing relationships. We encouraged all staff members to get involved, too, through an in-house communication campaign and actively supported the enhancement of internal digital communication tools, in order to encourage the sense of team spirit during the pandemic. Our strategic ideas for the entire internal communication project were developed in a creative way, by employing both visual and textual content.